Kilworth Challenge 25th/26th May 2013

Published on 28 May 2013 by Andrew Carpenter

Teams raced through muddy fields, climbed slippery slopes and even swung in the trees as the Kilworth Challenge maintained its gruelling reputation.

A total of thirty teams competed on Saturday and Sunday with organisers predicting it will raise about £50,000 for good causes.

And there was a rare win for a mixed side, as Koggy’s Kaos – made up of Lutterworth’s Lorna Richmond, Vicky Hipkins, Sam Taylor and Charlie Turner – took top spot.
Nick Otter, one of the organisers, said: “A tremendous feat as it is not often that a mixed team succeeds in winning the top trophy.

“The 30 teams tackled 37 challenges over the two days and had to be in a specific place at a specific time to do a specific task.

“This meant walking and running about 30 miles through south Leicestershire in about a ten mile radius of North Kilworth.

“The varied challenges required physical strength and mental agility as well as all important team work — some were tough while others were just plain fun. They featured the obstacle course swinging through the trees, racing in the muddy fields, a canoe race, water carrying to fill a `leaky pole`, a variety of word and number puzzles, and climbing a `slippy slope` made of wet polythene up a steep embankment.
Mr Otter said organisers, including himself, Colin Clarke, Paul Whitehead, Mike Lawrence, Bruce Phillips, Duncan Moss, Mick Faulkner and Manfred Morris thanked everyone who helped, especially the marshals, landowners, the Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre and competitors.

Special mention was made in the presentations of Mr Clarke, one of the founder members of the challenge who received a MBE in the 2013 Queen’s New Years Honours list.

Overall Winners:

Koggy’s Kaos (Lorna Richmond, Vicky Hipkins, Sam Taylor and Charlie Turner of Lutterworth)

2nd – Eager Belvoirs III (Aiden Ellis, Norman Byrd, Tim Grossey and Phil Cooper of North Kilworth)

3rd – Mech and the Borg (Steve Durrant, Cameron Downey, Jason Long and Peter Batten)

The Claire Squires trophy for best female team:

Three Fazy Lookers and a Ginger Shiny Wit made up of (Sarah Fish, Angharad Kearse, Josie Sandercock and Madelaine Clarke of North Kilworth)

Fastest Female Yomper:

Josie Sandercock (Three Fazy Lookers and a Ginger Shiny Wit)

Fastest Male Runner:

Jacob Kench (Lutterworth Young Boys)

Mixed team winners:

Koggy’s Koas