Kilworth Challenge 2016

This year the Kilworth Challenge exceeded all expectations. Due to a whole range of reasons………. Including injuries, weddings and other family commitments to mention but a few………meant that there were only 16 teams competing. However the amount raised by them was in excess of 40000 pounds, a truly tremendous amount and way beyond anything that was anticipated. Our great thanks goes to all that contributed to this fantastic total.
The weather was not too bad……..it didn’t rain but it was a bit nippy in the wind on the Sunday……..and the team tackled 20 or so challenges on each of the two days of the weekend. Challenges were the usual mix of physical (exemplified by the brick carry through Welford Fish Ponds and the obstacle courses at Stanford and Crow Spinney), mental and team work (puzzles and observations throughout the weekend) and those that were just plain fun, egg catapulting and catching being the messiest and the most amusing to the spectators.
The winners were `E for Idiot` (Ed Barker, Neil Riley, Jamie Wright and Charlie Bruce), a team pushing for the top honours after last year`s third place, second were `Keeping up with Jones` (Steve Barker, Peter Jones, Chris O`Neill and Jez Wilkinson) who were going for a third straight title and only just missing out, with `Gaddafi Duck` (Martyn Rothwell, Andy Farrenheim, Adam Shield and Tom Georgi) coming in third. All very close stuff with only 20 points (in 4000 or so) separating the top three at the end. `Victorious Secret` (Beth Kench, Eve Rossi, Megan Ribton and Molly Cooper) won the female title, a tremendous effort and well deserved. `The Kilworth Lions` (Adam Herring, Neil Foster, Stefan Green and John Walsh) won the over 40s again with `The Rapid Racers` (Caroline Walpole, Matt Iliffe, Hannah Walpole and Dan Iliffe) taking the mixed team. Neil Riley (`E for Idiots`) was the fastest male yomper, Eve Rossi of `Victorious Secret` won the female title. The Thinkers Prize awarded to the team that was best at the challenges that demanded a high level of intellectual effort was won by `Gadaffi Duck`.
`Victorious Secret` also won the team raising the largest amount of sponsorship, a truly amazing 6453 pounds. Second were `E for Idiot` with 5252 pounds with `Team NBJ` ( Neil Burke, Michael Burke, Tracy Godding and Natalie Slater) third with 4328 pounds. All were tremendous efforts and second/third could well have been winners in another year. The amount declared on the day was 40395 pounds.
This bulk of this year`s sponsorship will go to Dukes Barn in Derbyshire, Leicestershire Youth, and Over the Wall, three Midland based charities that help disadvantaged and handicapped children. The remainder will go to local charities and good causes in the Kilworth area.
The organizers would like to express their appreciation for everyone that had helped, especially the marshals sticking to their tasks with tremendous determination, the Air Training Corps for their contributions, the First Aiders, all the landowners, the Sports Club and to Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre again for their sponsorship …………….. but special thanks goes to the competitors themselves to make it such a successful event.

Nick Otter
31 May 2016
_DSC5686Kilworth Challenge 2016
Kilworth Challenge 2016

Yet Another Amazing Weekend for the Kilworth Challenge