Kilworth Challenge | 2015

Kilworth Challenge 2015

A Fantastic Silver Weekend for the Kilworth Challenge

Yet another fantastic Kilworth weekend to celebrate the 25th year of the Kilworth Challenge and a very fitting tribute to Paul Whitehead a long standing organizer of the Kilworth Challenge who died suddenly in March whilst on holiday in New Zealand.

The sunny weather reflected the happy spirits of all the 33 teams that took part over the Bank Holiday weekend of 23-24th May.  Their efforts also raised over fifty thousand pounds for disabled and disadvantaged children.

The amount declared on the day was 54125 53073 pounds and when the generous donation from Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre has been included and further enhanced by `gift aid` contributions, it will undoubtedly rise above the 60000 pounds mark. This was over the amount raised last year and is a really amazing total to come from such an event, taking the cumulative total over the 25 years of the Challenge to in excess of 1.25 million pounds,

This year the teams came from different parts of the country but the local ones took most of the prizes. The Kilworth Challenge 2015 winning team was last year`s winners, `Keeping up with Jones` comprising Steve Barker, Alex Jones, Peter Jones and Chris O`Neill. Steve lives in Market Harborough and the others have strong family ties with North Kilworth. For each of the Jones brothers this is their third time of winning and very much following in the footsteps of their father, also a former winner. Second again was `Eager Belvoirs IV` with Aiden Ellis, Norman Byrd, Tim Grossey and Phil Cooper, again with strong links to Kilworth. Third was `E for Idiot`, a team from further afield and comprising Ed Barker, Neil Riley, Jamie Wright and Adam Shield. The over 40s category was won again by a long standing team in the competition, `The Kilworth Lions`, comprising Adam Herring, John Linnell, Stefan Green and Simon Green.

The All Female Team Winners was `Hairy Fairies` made up of Rachel Barker, Clare Jones, Livvie Kirkbride and Becky Wheeler. The mixed category was won by `Gaddafi Duck` with Mark Johnson, Martyn Rothwell, Jill Betts and Jess Hume.

The Thinkers Prize awarded to the team that was best at the challenges that demanded a high level of intellectual effort was won by `Bosworth Old Boys`.

The trophy for raising the most sponsorship at an amazing 4848 pounds went to `Faffalots`, an all girls team comprising Josie Sandercock, Sarah Fish, Madelaine Clark and Ewa Malejka. Second in the sponsorship with 4235 pounds were `First Losers` with Belinda Dawson, Jamie Dawson, Guy Foxell and Emily Chadwick. `Victorious Secret` with Bethan Kench, Megan Ribton, Eve Rossi and Catherine Marsh were third with 4174 pounds, all three were tremendous results. Eve Rossi was also the fastest female yomper. David Robertson of `The Entire Population of China` took the male prize.

The 33 teams tackled 39 challenges over the two days and had to be in a specific place at a specific time to do a specific task. This meant walking and running well over 30 miles through south Leicestershire in about a 12 mile radius of North Kilworth. As ever the challenges covered the usual range of those requiring physical strength, mental agility and all important team work – some were tough while others were just plain fun. They featured a longer obstacle course swinging, racing in the very muddy fields, canoeing (even more water and mud), human skittles down a lippy slope, a variety of word and number puzzles, and racing in engineless go-karts and chariots. The biggest challenge of course was to see how much funding they could raise.

Some great team names appeared this year, always a major source of amusement to all……..they included `We chop `em, you plug `em`, `the Entire Population of China`, `Undertrained and Overconfident` and `Superzeroes` and `the Sweat Monkeys`.

This bulk of this year`s sponsorship will go to Dukes Barn in Derbyshire, Leicestershire Youth, and Over the Wall, three Midland based charities that help disadvantaged and handicapped children. The remainder will go to local charities and good causes in the Kilworth and Market Harborough area.

The organizers (Colin Clarke, Simon Jones, Chris Mitchell, Mike Lawrence, Bruce Phillips, Nick Otter, Duncan Moss, Mick Faulkner and Manfred Morris) would like to express their appreciation for everyone that had helped, especially the marshals sticking to their tasks with tremendous determination, all the landowners and the Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre but special thanks goes to the competitors themselves to make it such a successful `Silver` event.


Nick Otter

26 May 2015